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News From the Six Realms #50 - Sending Love from Lockdown

Posted by VenusNoire - April 16th, 2020


Hey everyone,

Well, it is pretty crazy how much everything can change in a month, right? Hope you are all well and keeping safe, and continue to do so until the current crisis is over. Things are in flux right now for everybody, but gamewise, we are doing our best to stick to the status quo. We got the previous release out on time as planned, and it seems like we are holding steady (in fact, we actually increased a little). Like all of you, I'm a little uncertain about how things will go, funding wise, if this continues, but we understand the situation, and nobody should feel bad about unpledging. We'll be fine, and there are far more important things to worry about at this moment in time than porn games. :)

Moving on, we are all busy working on the next version over here, with an aim to get it out at the end of next month as usual. I'm just waiting on Winter finishing the Rastedel events he didn't get done in time for last month, and then I will put out a supplement release as promised. This will also include the three CGs from last month that didn't get added as they were part of those events. While he is doing that, the other writers are hard at work on their own stuff; Hooky is writing a bunch of random events as usual, while Rein continues to work on the alternate Maud alliance path. 

Art-wise, I already have all of the sketches, and most of the line art back from MDN (which the backers have already seen), and these are currently with our colourist who is doing the flats. Sommy, as you can see above, is continuing his recent trend of doing pieces with a ridiculous number of characters, and has almost finished the CG for the goblin dinner (which is typically excellent, if I may add). Keidi is also working on two sprites for the new Rastedel content, which will hopefully be ready in time for the bonus update.

That's all for today. I can't really give a date for the supplement release as I'm at the mercy of Winter at the moment, but I'm hoping it'll be in about a week or so, before the end of the month definitely. For our Steam supporters, the update (including all the recent Rastedel content) will be going live in early to mid-May, so keep an eye out for that. We'll be doing announcements and making a  new trailer, so it'll probably be hard to miss. :)

Take care, people. 

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