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VenusNoire's News

Posted by VenusNoire - 4 days ago


Well, the world is going a bit crazy at the moment, and many of ourselves, yours truly included, are currently trapped in our home, but we do have some good news for you - we managed to get the new version finished, and it is now

available to $5 backers.

In these difficult times, we at Venus Noire hope you are safe, well, and taking care of yourself.

Moving on to the release, it is a bit of a mixed bag. As always lately, we have added more Rastedel content, including a new part of the conclusion featuring another epic set-piece illustration by Sommy that is even better than last month’s sack, and a new ally to seek out in the slums. In addition, we also have a plethora of events from other areas of the game, rounding out a grand total of six new sex scenes, and the usual collection of exciting new artwork. 



This month we have fifteen new CGs:

  • Rowan x Alexia 1, 2, & 3 (Maledom)
  • Rowan x Shaya 1, 2, & 3 (Titjob)
  • Rowan & Ameraine x Patricia 1 & 2 (Threesome, BDSM)
  • Greyhide x Alexia 1 & 2 (Oral)
  • Rowan x Alain 1 & 2 (Gay)
  • Wulump Bad end 1 & 2 (Tentacle)
  • The Coronation (Group sex)


It's never a bad idea to use protection. ~


As mentioned earlier, we have continued working on Rastedel, with one new event following the sack (the coronation - which includes two sex scenes), as well as the beginning of a new route that will allow you to ally with Maud, as an alternative to allying with the young knight captain, Alain. We’ve also added additional content for the Werden release that will be available soon.

Outside of Rastedel, we have added a new ruler event featuring Liurial, a number of new job events for Alexia (including two new sex scenes), a new repeatable event in the wagon (featuring a sex scene with Cla-Min’s daughter), and a number of new map events, both for exploration tiles, and resources (one new sex scene).

This month we have six new sex scenes:

  • The Coronation (Group sex)
  • Rowan x Juliet (Maledom)
  • Rowan x Cla-Min’s Daughter (Goblin, Oral)
  • Rickon x Cla-Yilly (Goblin, Vanilla)
  • Alexia’s Shackle Fantasy (Exhibitionism, BDSM)
  • Male Drider x Rowan (Monster)

That’s it for today’s update!

Version 0.2.55 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Patrons pledging $5 and up.


You can also purchase the game in Steam :



Posted by VenusNoire - 2 weeks ago


Hello everyone,

Time for our usual monthly update about what we have been up to here at Venus Noire. We've been having another good month on the business side, last month we broke 10k for the first time on Patreon, and we are just about to hit 5k sales over on Steam (and are only 3 reviews shy of earning a "Very Positive" rating, so if you still need to write one *hint hint*). As always, we will push on as best we can, and maybe we can keep this upturn going. :)

I haven't got a lot to say about the release, so I am going to talk about something else (which we'll get to in a minute), other than we are continuing to work on it as discussed last month. There might be one small hiccup as I haven't heard from MDN in a few days (which isn't like him), hopefully it is nothing, but worst-case scenario, we already have last month's CGs (and Sommy is doing another group sex illustration) and I will use these to release the update on time, and then follow up with any missing CGs in a second release ASAP.  

Anyway, now that Rastedel is nearly almost finished (oh Lordy, praise Jesus), I thought it'd be a good idea to talk a little about what we are planning to do next. I know I have mentioned it before, but here's a little more detail:

Mechanics overhaul

There's been complaints about the mechanics for a while now, so Rein designed an entire new system in order to address them. This system will allow you to specialize in things such as stealth, deception, etc. using "levels", allowing you to pass checks without random dice rolls, eliminating some of the frustration. Our python coder (who does all the work beyond my skill level), Dragoon, coded the core of this system a few months ago, but we haven't had time to test it due to Rastedel. Now that is pretty much behind us, implementing the new mechanics will be one of our top priorities.

Map update

We are also looking at ways to improve the map. Sommy would like a bit more visual flair, so he is in discussions with Dragoon about what can be done on that front. We'll also be looking at adding quality of life improvements that have been requested in the past (such as a zoom out function, to view more of the map), as well as adding more content to the east side (more villages, resources, and the upcoming Goblin quest).

NPC arcs

Moving on to the writing side of things, we'll be working on giving every major character in the castle a narrative arc that incorporates player choice. The reason we slowed down a bit on character events was that we wanted to move from random events to ones that told a story, so we have been planning for a few months. There are already two of these arcs in the game that have made significant progress (Winter's Helayna events, and Rein's Cliohna ones), and each major NPC will be getting a similar arc. These will be a series of events that shape Rowan's relationship with the people around him, and play out differently depending on your choices. They will not only affect things in act one, but also in future acts. 

Other arcs

We've also been doing a lot of planning on the other two arcs that take place in Rosaria, the fey arc, and the goblin arc. Hooky is going to be getting back to mostly working on the fey arc now that Rastedel is pretty much done, so you'll be seeing some of that in the next few months. We'll also be starting on the goblin recruitment narrative in the future, but there'll be more on that nearer the time.

Act Two

We have also been spending a lot of the time in the last few weeks plotting act two. As we get nearer to the end of the first act, we'll be trying to find time to work more on act two to make the transition as seamless as possible. We need to figure out a few things, like how to best import act one data, and look at opportunities to improve the game in a completely new build, but our main goal is to avoid a long delay between the end of act one and the beginning of act two.

So, that's it for today. A bit of a long one this month, but hopefully this will have been of interest to most of you. I'll be doing the CG poll in a few days, and then, assuming everything goes well as usual, the release will be on MARCH 29th

Please consider supporting us on:



Seeds of Chaos is also available for purchase on Steam!



Posted by VenusNoire - 1 month ago


Seeds of Chaos is currently 10% off until Friday in the Midweek Madness Sale over on Steam!!

Jam packed with over 15 hours of playtime and diverse game systems, Seeds of Chaos has more than enough content to keep you ensnared for days on end!!

Reactive Storytelling- branching which makes each playthrough feel personal & rewarding!

Indulge In Your Desires- debauchery awaits with over 100 unlockable sex scenes!

Customize Your Domain- flex your planning skills with our castle management system!

Explore A Rich Fantasy World- explore a map filled with discoveries and adventure!


Please consider supporting us on:





Posted by VenusNoire - October 3rd, 2019


With over 100 scenes, 300 CGs, hours of content and a bucketload of kinks, have you played Seeds of Chaos yet?

Patreon - http://bit.ly/2DjTWi5

Public Build - http://bit.ly/2U4qz8q






Posted by VenusNoire - June 11th, 2019


Tried the demo and liked it? If so the above is what you've got to look forward to!

If you haven't tried the free demo download it here!


Posted by VenusNoire - June 2nd, 2019


It took a little longer than we had hoped, but today we are making the first demo for Jessika’s Curse available to the public. You’ll be able to control our first two party characters, Jessika and Mouse, explore the town of Venkmar where you’ll meet Alf, Bekarah, and Sister Mercy, as well as visit the first area, the Wyldwoods, and face off against goblins and myconids. 

In the future we’ll be adding two more party members, along with more character customization, town NPCs, quests, locations, enemies, and, of course, sex animations. Hopefully this will give you a little taste of what we have planned, and if you like it, please consider supporting us so we can make the best game possible. 

Free download here


Posted by VenusNoire - April 24th, 2019

One of our favorite Youtubers, Peenoise Sync, is doing a series on Seeds of Chaos. Have a look if you're into this type of thing?



Posted by VenusNoire - February 3rd, 2019

As they say, start the year as you mean to go on, so here at Venus Noire we have started the year with another release on time. We have a lot of plans for 2019, which you’ll no doubt be hearing about soon, and hopefully it will be a great one for the game.


This release is another mixed bag one, as we continue to work on wrapping up the first realm, Rosaria, later in the year. It has a bunch of new events in the ruler event pool, and the tavern job event pool, while we have also added comprehensive notes in the codex to the entire Orciad event chain to help people in getting the outcome that they want. Next month, the focus will be on Rastedel.


This month we have six CGs as usual, with other ten variants, as well as one new sprite, and one new BG:

- Rowan x Alexia CG (Blowjob)
- Alexia Solo CG (Futa)
- Greyhide x Alexia (Beastman)
- Jezera x Half-Minotaur Girl CG (Shibari)
- Rowan x Mystery Woman CG (Vanilla)
- Andras & Batri x Rowan CG (Gay)
- Mary Sprite
- Grand Lodge Background


As mentioned earlier, this release has two new ruler event, focused around sexual scenes with both Jezera and Andras. In addition, we also have eight tavern job events, including a new sex scene between Jak and Indarah.

We also spent some time making edits to the Greyhide x Alexia scene, to address the concerns of people who felt that it was too rushed. At a future date, we will be introducing another scene featuring stretching, that will precede it, and hopefully, solve this issue.


This month we have four new sex scenes:
- Jezera x Rowan (Handjob)
- Jezera x Rowan (Femdom, Denial)
- Andras x Rowan (Gay, Exhibitionism)
- Jak x Indrah (Rough sex)

Version 0.2.39 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux, and Mac (link in the sidebar on our profile). Please consider supporting us on Patreon.   




Posted by VenusNoire - January 2nd, 2019

Just before Christmas, we got our new version out to backers, on time once again, featuring a mixture of new content; new job events for Alexia (focusing on her fellow maid Mary), new events for the fey narrative (featuring characters from both the Midnight Court and the Red Sun Alliance), new sex scenes, and more.


The previous backer release, now available to the public, continues where we left off in October, namely on continuing the Rastedel narrative arc, showing the results of the demon twins’ plans.

That’s not all - we’ve also added new events (mostly of a sexual nature), and a ton of new art, as we continue to expand the game. 2019 will bring some big changes, including improvements to the mechanics, as well as a whole new realm to explore.


As some of the art didn’t make it into the game in the November release, as the story had not progressed far enough, we have a bumper release this month, including nine(!) new CGs.

- Two new Rastedel character sprites
- One new background
- Rastedel Battle CG (with 4 additional variants)
- Prince of Tomes Dark Elf Illustration
- Prince of Tomes Fallen Knight Illustration
- Prince of Tomes Corrupted Queen Illustration
- Jezera (Disguised) x Human Commander
- Andras x Draith CG (Gay)
- Rowan x Helayna CG (Maledom)
- Jezera x Alexia CG (Yuri)
- Delane’s Bad End CG


As with the previous release, our main aim was continuing the Rastedel narrative arc, so we have a number of scenes that further the plot through the second phase of the narrative, as well a few events that can occur when Rowan visits the city.

In addition to this, we also have a new ruler event that continues the X’zaratl character arc, as well as a new job event in the forge for Alexia.


This month we have four new sex scenes:
- Rowan x Delane (Anal)
- Jezera (Disguised) x Human Commander
- Alexia x Greyhide
- Alexia Futa Solo Masturbation

Version 0.2.39 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Windows / Linux, and Mac (link in the sidebar on our profile). Please consider supporting us on Patreon.     



Posted by VenusNoire - December 23rd, 2018

The holidays are upon us! Everyone here at Venus Noire has been working hard to get this release out with the development window being only three weeks due to Christmas. The good news is that not only did we release on time, we also managed to put in 25k-30k words of new content, and seven CGs, making it the same size as a normal release, despite the shortened development cycle. 


As it is the end of the year, we decided to focus on putting out a general content release, instead of partially starting an ongoing part of the major story. As a result, this release is a bit of a mixed bag, containing a number of new events of different event pools. Next month we will be getting back to Rastedel, and the main story will continue.


As mentioned, this month we have seven new illustrations, with over ten variations:

- Castle Bloodmeen CG
- Rowan x Maid with Helayna CG (Cuckqueaning)
- Rowan x Skordred CG (Gay)
- Jezera x Doran CG (Femdom)
- Rowan x Alexia Picnic CG (Vanilla)
- Tavern Harassment CG  (NTR)
- Breeding Pits Harassment CG (Monster)


As mentioned earlier, this month is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to new content. We have one major story event, the first of a chain that makes up Alexia’s corruption narrative. We have also added a new event that warns the player if they are approaching the deadline for the third task set by the twins, with goals still to achieve.

In addition, we have also added four new ruler events, and five new maid job events for Alexia, focusing on her fellow maid, Mary. Lastly, we have added three new events for the ongoing fey narrative, that can be seen in the living quarters after the arrival of the emissaries at castle Bloodmeen.  


This month we have three new sex scenes:
- Andras x Alexia (Bathing, harassment, NTR)
- Alexia Corruption Event (Alexia solo masturbation, demonic influence)
- Rowan x Young Aspirant (Gay)

That’s it for today’s update! Version 0.2.40 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Patrons pledging $5 and up (link in the sidebar on our profile).