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VenusNoire's News

Posted by VenusNoire - 10 days ago


Hello everyone,

October is upon us and things are getting spooky! First, the good news - thanks to the latest release we have reached a new high for the Patreon, which is great, and we aren't that far from 2000 patrons now. Hopefully things will continue to rise, so we can spend more on making SoC even better. The game also continues to chug away slowly but surely over on Steam, but we haven't had any reviews on there in a while, so if you haven't got around to leaving one yet, it would be very much appreciated. :)

Getting to the release - as always things have started to progress in order to get it out on time at the end of the next month. In terms of writing, Winter is working on a number of things, including a new scene for the Jezera NTR path, the Shaya NPC arc, and new job events for Alexia. Hooky will be contuining his work on improving the Fae plotline, and the Greyhide NPC arc, while Rein is starting to work on more Nasim content. We'll also have a few events from our new writer, Exagie, who wrote the Rowan x Valrys mine event in the previous release. 

On the art side, I now have all the sketches back and have started to show them to the patrons. I also have most of the lineart and this has been sent on to our colourist, so I'll start sharing that as soon as I get it back. Sommy also finished his CG for the battle of Astarte, which you can see above, and it looks amazing as always. 

On the programming side, I'm starting to code all the necessary event changes to implement the mechanics update, but this is a very large task that has to be done piecemeal and will not be done for the next release. I'm hoping we'll be able to add it in the January release, but it will require a huge amount of testing, so might be further delayed. Dragoon is fixing the issues with building, as well as a number of QoL improvements, including UI updates, map improvement, and the requested naming saves fuction, as well as in-engine deletion option.

That's all for today. As usual our plan is to release at the end of the second month, which is November. Looking at the calender, it should be on the 29th. 




Posted by VenusNoire - 1 month ago


Hello everyone,

Once again, it is time for a new release, and as usual, we have managed to get it out on time like clockwork, keeping our streak of well over a year going. Things continue to go relatively well; the Patreon remains steady, sales are slightly up on Steam thanks to the new version release, and all of the staff are doing okay.

Moving on to the release, we got quite a lot done this month. First up, we added the next event in the Alexia x Andras NTR path that some folks have been waiting for. We also have a few new sex scenes for Rowan, along with more for Alexia. Hooky has been working on rewriting older content, focusing primarily on the Fae, but also reworking some of the initial Greyhide events for his upcoming plotline. Speaking of NPC arcs, Rein finished his final event for Cliohna’s, the dominant Rowan conclusion, and we also added a few more events from other pools to round the release out. 



Again, we have also been working on improving the gameplay experience on the whole. Our programmer Dragoon has reworked the workshop system on the backend for the upcoming mechanics improvements, and done the first tranche of revisions to the journal. We’ve also made a couple of improvements to the castle UIs, added scene names to events to help with bug reporting, and added the option to choose which hex you land on when leaving Rastedel.


This month we have sixteen new CGs, with fifty-five variants, two new animations, and one new sprite:

  • Rowan x Alexia 1 & 2
  • Rowan x Delane 1, 2 & 3
  • Rowan x Tarish
  • Whitescar x Draith 1, 2, & 3
  • Jezera x Alexia 1 & 2
  • Alexia x Mikael 1 & 2
  • Alexia x Drider
  • Rowan & Alexia on the Battlements Story CG
  • The Harvest Festival Story CG
  • Rowan x Alexia Animation
  • Rowan x Delane Animation
  • Alexia Slut Outfit Sprite



As mentioned earlier, we have a large new Alexia corruption scene, this time for the Andras path, as long as a new scene with Rowan where the pair are harassed by horny succubi. She also has two new job events for the maid job, both including sex scenes. On the castle NPC front, we have the aforementioned Cliohna event, and Hooky has completely reworked the first two Greyhide events (introduction and “Drinking Buddies”) as well as written a new repeatable sex scene for Rowan and Greyhide that can be triggered from the forge. He has also written three new Fae events to serve as an introduction to Fae plotline (and replace the map events people were having trouble finding), as well as completely rewritten the scene where the Fae arrive at the castle. 

We also have two other ruler events, one which includes a new sex scene involving Rowan and Jezera, as well as a new map event for the mine resource, which also includes a Rowan sex scene. Lastly, we’ve done small rewrites to the scene where Jezera takes Rowan to form a potential alliance, and the scene where Rowan has sex with Tarish at the end of the Orciad, to improve them. 

This month, we have seven new sex scenes:

  • Rowan x Alexia (Voyeurism, Light Maledom)
  • Rowan x Greyhide (Gay, Oral)
  • Rowan & Jezera x Maids (Group Sex, Yuri)
  • Rowan x Valrys (Light Femdom)
  • Andras x Alexia (NTR, Orgasm Denial)
  • Jezera x Alexia (BDSM)
  • Alexia x Mary (Yuri)


That’s it for today’s update! Version 0.2.60 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Patrons pledging $5 and up.  




Posted by VenusNoire - 1 month ago


Hey guys,

We've been having a pretty good month over here at Venus Noire so far. The new Steam release, Lovers & Lies, has been pretty well received, and sales are up from the typical weekly average. The Patreon continues to hold steady, which is probably the best we can hope for during a pandemic, and hopefully, things will start getting back to normal soon. Until then, be safe and keep taking care of yourself.


Moving on to the exciting bit - the release is close to being done now. Most of the writing has been completed, and I'm currently busy coding it all for the 30th. We've got the new NTR content, the final event on the dominant path for the Cliohna arc, and a bunch of other new scenes. Hooky has also been busy reworking the Fae content to the point of an almost entire rewrite, as well as reworking the Greyhide events to make them form a more coherent narrative in preparation for his upcoming character arc. 

On the art side, we have all the CGs back from the colourist, and Sommy is busy finalizing the last of them. We've been sharing than with the backers as usual, and we'll be sharing the rest over the next few days before the release. Sommy has also been working on an epic CG for the battle of Astarte as you can see above, which he is hoping to get done by release, so fingers crossed on that one.

That's all for today, as I have to get back to the code mines. As mentioned earlier, the Patreon release date will be the 30th this month (as our normal release date would fall on the 27th, which is my birthday, and I'm taking the day off). Failing any major catastrophe, the release will be on time as usual.  

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Posted by VenusNoire - August 18th, 2020


Hello everyone,

So another month, another release. We managed to get it out on time as usual without issue, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that is one good thing during these crazy times. The Patreon has also remained pretty steady, despite the world going to hell, which is reassuring. As always, we are busy working on the next release.

So, as previously mentioned, we are finally beginning to work on the castle NPC arcs. We have spent the last few months plotting them out, and you'll be seeing the first of those events in the new release. Winter is focusing on Helayna, reworking some of her old material, including the escape, to improve cohesiveness (I'll be doing a poll relating to that, once I have posted this), and if he has time, writing the long requested scene that follows Alexia's argument with Rowan, that occurs if he claims Helayna. He's also reworking some of the old maid scenes, and writing a new Mary sex scene. Hooky is giving the people what they want with new Greyhide content, which, like what Winter is doing, will include reworking some of the older scenes. I'll be finishing the new Andras scene if it kills me, and I'm hoping to do an extra scene or two as well.

On the art side, we've got all the lineart back from MDN, and it has been sent to our colourist. The highlight of which is the teaser posted above, the harvest dance, which has had a lot of extra love put into it by Sommy to really make it stand out. He's also working on another cinematic CG of his own, which should also be impressive. As always, I'll be sharing the finished CGs with the backers as soon as they are finished.

That's pretty much it for today. In addition to the aforementioned writing and art, we'll also have a bunch of new quality of life improvements like the last few months, as we try to continually improve the general experience of playing the game.

Now, releases. The Steam update, consisting of the past two backer releases, will be coming to Steam at the beginning of September. The next backer release will come out at the end of September. It will not be released on the last Sunday of the month as usual because that is my birthday and I have no desire to work a 16 hour workday on my birthday, so instead we will release on the last day of the month, Wednesday the 30th.  

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Posted by VenusNoire - July 28th, 2020


Hello everyone,

Another two months, and another new release. Things have been pretty crazy with the whole corona thing, but it is starting to get a little more normal, and thankfully for us, it has had very little effect on the studio. And because of that, we are once again able to bring you a new release this month without issue. 

So, what is in it, I hear you ask? This one is mostly Alexia focused - we’ve got a new scene from Hooky that focuses on Alexia and Rowan that varies heavily on player choices, acting as a touchstone for how their relationship has been affected by their time in Bloodmeen. This is paired with a new event for the Jezera NTR path, in which the demoness continues to teach her the ways of seduction. 

In addition to these two large scenes, with the usual random assortment of castle, map and job events, as well as a number of QA improvements, including much-requested pan and zoom functions for the world map, as well as adding the current mission objective and its deadline to the exploration UI for those of you who have trouble completing them on time. 



This month we have sixteen new CGs, with forty-four variants, two new animations, and two backgrounds: 

  • Alexia x Tarek 1
  • Rowan x Liurial x Helayna 1 & 2
  • Rowan x Rylea 1 & 2
  • Rowan x Liurial 1
  • Jezera x Marianne 1
  • Rowan x Alexia 1
  • Rowan x Patricia 1, 2 & 3
  • Rowan x Cla-Min (Daughter) 1
  • Rowan x Heartsong 1 & 2
  • Rowan x Maud 1
  • Rowan x Sheera 1
  • Rowan x Cla-Min (Daughter) Animation 1
  • Rowan x Patricia Animation 1
  • Battlements Background
  • Catacombs Background



As mentioned earlier, we have the two large new Alexia events, but that is not all for everyone’s joint-favourite redhead - we also have four new job events, including Whitescar’s first sex scene for our furry fans, and an encounter with a drider which will no doubt prove popular. Outside of Alexia, Hooky has added an additional sex scene to the succubi murder mystery added in the last release, and we have also added a number of new map exploration and resource events as we continue to expand Rosaria. 

This month, we have seven new sex scenes:

  • Rowan x Alexia (Vanilla)
  • Rowan x Female Rylea (Demon, Oral, Maledom)
  • Alexia x Mikael (Cheating, Oral)
  • Jezera x Alexia (NTR, Lesbian)
  • Alexia x Drider (Monster, Handjob)
  • Whitescar x Draith (Maledom, Gay, Furry)
  • Ran-Cou x Zelda (Goblin)

That’s it for today’s update! Version 0.2.58 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for Patrons pledging $5 and up.  

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Posted by VenusNoire - July 2nd, 2020


For a limited time offer,Seeds of Chaos is now available at a historic low of 20% off in the Steam Summer Sale!

In addition, we've also added trading cards badges, backgrounds, and emojis, so check it out!


Looking for more games like Seeds of Chaos?Might I interest you on a bundle? ;)

Promo ends on July 9th.



Posted by VenusNoire - June 19th, 2020


Hello everyone,

Things are starting to get back to normal around here, and I was able to go out the other day and spend some time with a friend, so it is looking up. In Seeds of Chaos news, we hit another big milestone with 12k in total funding, and we aren't that far off 2k patrons as well, which is fantastic. We have had pretty solid growth since the Steam launch, and hopefully it will continue, allowing us to invest more into the game.

Looking forward, we have finally put Rastedel in the rear view mirror for the time being. We'll be looking at ways to improve it in the future, but our focus now is on a number of things we will be discussing today.

First up, on the writing side, we are now turning our attention to fleshing out the arcs for castle NPCs. These arcs will be similar to the multi-event chain Rein did for Cliohna at the tail end of last year, and will allow you, over the course of the entire game, to determine both Rowan's relationship with each castle character, as well as the sort of character they eventually become. We've spent the last few weeks doing some heavy plotting for each character, and these new storylines will begin to appear over the course of the next few releases.

We've also been spending a lot of time at looking at QoL improvements to enrich the player experience. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication between myself and Dragoon, zoom and pan were not added to the last release, but they will be in the next one, along with an improved Map UI, which includes a box that displays your current mission objective and deadline (a long standing request from those who don't pay attention). Sommy is continuing to look at ways to improve the castle UI, and make the game look prettier in general, and Rein is still working on his mechanics overhaul, which we will see in the near future.  Hooky has very kindly taken it upon himself to pick up the slack on editing, and is systematically going through events to fix any typos, tense mistakes, awkward sentences, etc.

In terms of the next release, work is well underway. I'm finally going to do the next Andras Path NTR event people have been bugging me for, while Winter is working on the Jezera one, as well as a number of other events. Hooky will be working on adding a female sex scene option to last month's succubus murder mystery, as well as a number of ruler and job events for the castle. Rein is spending all of his time focusing solely on the mechanics, so we can get that finished ASAP in a future release.

On the art side, I already have all the sketches back and have shared them with the backers as usual. They are currently with our colourist and I will be sharing the finished pieces soon. Sommy has already finished one background for the month (the castle catacombs, above), and is working on a series of illustrations for the Ulcro/Batri showdown. Keidi's working on some additional sprite stuff I need for Rastedel characters (mostly nude versions), so hopefully I'll be able to slide them into the next release as well.

That's pretty much it for today. I'm looking forward to what's ahead; it is nice to move on from Rastedel, and I know a lot of you have been waiting a while for more of the castle characters. So whether you like Greyhide, Shaya, X'zaratl, Indarah, Cla-Min, Draith, or you are the one person who likes Skodred, we should have something for you to enjoy soon. As always the next release will be the last weekend of next month, which this time will be July 26th.

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Posted by VenusNoire - June 2nd, 2020


We are nearly halfway through the year, and what a year it has been so far. Over here at Venus Noire we are keeping safe and managing to cope, putting out another new release on time for the end of May. It is another big one that focuses on Rastedel, bringing the arc to a close (other than some smaller stuff to be done later). We’ll now be looking to move on to other areas of the game, namely castle character arcs, and the mechanics update.

In addition to the Rastedel content, with have a number of events in the other castle based pools. We’ve always been doing a little bit of work on the programming side, crushing a much-mentioned bug that was causing village capture numbers to be displayed incorrectly, and adding quality of life improvements to the map; namely the often requisition zoom and pan functions



This month we have twenty-four new CGs, with thirty-eight variants, four new animations, two character sprites and one background: 

  • Rowan x Juliet 1, 2, 3, & 4
  • Francois the Orc
  • Rowan x Alexia 1 & 2
  • Jezera x Alexia 1 & 2
  • Fey Possessed Drider x Rowan 1 & 2
  • Orc Chieftess x Rowan
  • Alexia’s Shackle Fantasy 1 & 2
  • Rowan x Helayna
  • Drider x Rowan
  • Delane’s Fate
  • Marianne’s Fate
  • The Evacuation of Rastedel
  • The Goblin Dinner 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5
  • Rowan x Alexia Animation 1, 2, & 3
  • Rowan x Shaya Animation
  • Alternative Delane Sprite
  • Priest of Chaos Sprite
  • Mine Background



In terms of Rastedel, we have completed most outstanding path lines. What this means in terms of events is that it is now possible to recruit the alternative Northside ally, Maud, as well as choose to corrupt Patricia as Rowan, instead of allowing Ameraine to do it. In addition, Werden’s route, which ended sooner than Patricia/Jacques in previous versions, has been brought in line to the same endpoint, the epilogue, which features three new scenes that take place after the city is sacked. 

Outside of Rastedel, we have one very long ruler event, a succubi murder mystery, as well as one new forge job event, and one new barmaid job event. We’ve also added a new Helayna path event featuring a threeway with Liurial, and rewritten parts of the goblin dinner event to bring it in line with Sommy’s excellent new illustration.  

This month we have six new sex scenes:

  • Rowan x Maud (Vanilla, Creampie)
  • Rowan x Patricia (Maledom)
  • Rowan x Rylea (Gay, Oral, Anal)
  • Rowan x Helyana x Liurial (Threesome, Cuckqueen, BDSM) 
  • Tarek x Alexia (Orc, Handjob)
  • ??? x Marianne


That’s it for today’s update! Version 0.2.57 of Seeds of Chaos is downloadable for backers pledging $5 and up. 



Posted by VenusNoire - May 23rd, 2020


Hey guys,

Bit late this month, as it is has been a bit slow around here. Hard to believe we are almost halfway through the year already, but here we are. The Steam update has gone pretty well, and things are holding steady, despite covid, so it is looking pretty positive. As always we are working hard on putting the release together for the 31st.

It is going fine as usual on that front. The writers are just finishing up their work for the month, and I'm about to go into full-on coding mode. Winter has been working on fleshing out the Patricia route, finishing the rest of Werden's, as well as adding the epilogue, and Rein has been contuining with the Maud alliance path, so this will bring us very close to finally being done with Rastedel. Hooky has been working on a number of scenes in other areas of the game to round the release out a little. There might also be an extra little surprise depend on time limits, but that is enough about that.

On the art front, as you can see above Sommy has finished another gorgeous background, this time for the mine. He is currently working on finalizing all the CGs I've gotten back from the colourist, and we've will continue sharing them with the backers as they are finished. 

I've also been investing some of the extra money in having our freelance coder, Dragoon, make a number of quality of life improvements to the game. In the upcoming release, you will now be able to pan and zoom on the realm map, as has long been requested. He was also able to fix the long-standing bug with villages being counted incorrectly, and he's also trimmed a number of redundant features.

In other news, the poll for Winter's promised non-cannon SoC fanfic rumbles on. I have just posted the last of the qualifiers for our $10 backers, next up will be the "semi-final" poll, which will also include $5 level backers, with the final being opened up for all backers to vote in. The usual CG poll will be up for our poll level backers tomorrow.

That's all for today. Once Rastedel is finally in the rearview mirror, we'll be starting to talk about what is left to finish the current act - mainly the character relationship arcs, and the goblin recruitment narrative.

Until then, I hope you are all well, and are keeping safe.   

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Posted by VenusNoire - May 4th, 2020

It's here! The first major themed content update patch for Seeds of Chaos!

This update and the new content is FREE to owners of the game.

Additionally, the game will be available at a special 10% off discount price from May 3rd to May 10th!

Already own it? Maybe get it as a gift for a friend!


The Fall Of Rastadel -

We have completed the much awaited finale of the Rastadel arc, made up of a number of smaller sequential events, leading to the climactic scene of conquest. This is the siege in SIEGEBREAKER.

Rowan & Alexia -

We also have added some new events, focusing on the relationship between Rowan and Alexia. One is romantic, while another revolves around joint corruption. There’s also three new Alexia forge job events, including a much requested new sex scene between Alexia and everybody’s favourite furry blacksmith, Greyhide. There are also a number of new job events for Alexia (including two new sex scenes)

The Day After -

Following the sack of Rastadel is the beginning of a new route that will allow you to ally with Maud, as an alternative to allying with the young knight captain, Alain.

Miscellaneous Side Content -

We have added a new ruler event featuring Liurial, a new repeatable event in the wagon (featuring a sex scene with Cla-Min’s daughter), and a number of new map events, both for exploration tiles, and resources (one new sex scene)

The fastest way to experience the new content is to fire up a save from week 60!


  • Rowan x Alexia 1, 2, & 3 (Maledom)
  • Rowan x Shaya 1, 2, & 3 (Titjob)
  • Rowan & Ameraine x Patricia 1 & 2 (Threesome, BDSM)
  • Greyhide x Alexia 1 & 2 (Oral)
  • Rowan x Alain 1 & 2 (Gay)
  • Wulump Bad end 1 & 2 (Tentacle)
  • The Coronation (Group sex)
  • Andras x Alexia (Kissing, NTR)
  • Rowan x Koh 1 & 2 (Orc, Vanilla)
  • Rowan x Draith (Gay)
  • Rowan x Liurial (Light maledom, Spanking)
  • Pony Stop 2 (BDSM, Lesbian, Pony Play)
  • Rowan x Helayna 1 & 2 (Cunnilingus)
  • Batri Victorious (Cinematic CG)
  • Ulcro Victorious (Cinematic CG)
  • Alexia x Mary 1 & 2 (Lesbian)
  • Rowan x Qais 1 & 2 (Gay)
  • Rowan x Shani (BDSM)
  • Rowan x Alexia Aftercare (Vanilla)
  • Rastedel Story CGs 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (Cinematic CGs)
  • Rastedel Night Variant Background
  • Slums Night Variant Background
  • Rastedel Barracks Variant Background
  • Mirrored Palace Aftermath Variant Background
  • Thorn Knight Sprite
  • Royal Knight Sprite


  • The Coronation (Group sex)
  • Rowan x Juliet (Maledom)
  • Rowan x Cla-Min’s Daughter (Goblin, Oral)
  • Rickon x Cla-Yilly (Goblin, Vanilla)
  • Alexia’s Shackle Fantasy (Exhibitionism, BDSM)
  • Male Drider x Rowan (Monster)
  • Rowan x Alexia (Maledom, light exhibitionism)
  • Rowan x Alexia x Wulump (Tentacle on male)
  • Rowan x Alexia (Vanilla)
  • Greyhide x Alexia (Minotaur, Oral)
  • Rowan x Alain (Gay, Anal)
  • Rowan x Patricia (Cunilingus)
  • Rowan x Patricia x Ameraine (Threesome, Light Femdom)
  • ???? (secret)


That's right! The game is now officially available on Linux/SteamOS!