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News From the Six Realms #54 - Everybody Dance Now

Posted by VenusNoire - August 18th, 2020


Hello everyone,

So another month, another release. We managed to get it out on time as usual without issue, and everyone seemed to enjoy it, so that is one good thing during these crazy times. The Patreon has also remained pretty steady, despite the world going to hell, which is reassuring. As always, we are busy working on the next release.

So, as previously mentioned, we are finally beginning to work on the castle NPC arcs. We have spent the last few months plotting them out, and you'll be seeing the first of those events in the new release. Winter is focusing on Helayna, reworking some of her old material, including the escape, to improve cohesiveness (I'll be doing a poll relating to that, once I have posted this), and if he has time, writing the long requested scene that follows Alexia's argument with Rowan, that occurs if he claims Helayna. He's also reworking some of the old maid scenes, and writing a new Mary sex scene. Hooky is giving the people what they want with new Greyhide content, which, like what Winter is doing, will include reworking some of the older scenes. I'll be finishing the new Andras scene if it kills me, and I'm hoping to do an extra scene or two as well.

On the art side, we've got all the lineart back from MDN, and it has been sent to our colourist. The highlight of which is the teaser posted above, the harvest dance, which has had a lot of extra love put into it by Sommy to really make it stand out. He's also working on another cinematic CG of his own, which should also be impressive. As always, I'll be sharing the finished CGs with the backers as soon as they are finished.

That's pretty much it for today. In addition to the aforementioned writing and art, we'll also have a bunch of new quality of life improvements like the last few months, as we try to continually improve the general experience of playing the game.

Now, releases. The Steam update, consisting of the past two backer releases, will be coming to Steam at the beginning of September. The next backer release will come out at the end of September. It will not be released on the last Sunday of the month as usual because that is my birthday and I have no desire to work a 16 hour workday on my birthday, so instead we will release on the last day of the month, Wednesday the 30th.  

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