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News From the Six Realms #52 - Raste-done

Posted by VenusNoire - June 19th, 2020


Hello everyone,

Things are starting to get back to normal around here, and I was able to go out the other day and spend some time with a friend, so it is looking up. In Seeds of Chaos news, we hit another big milestone with 12k in total funding, and we aren't that far off 2k patrons as well, which is fantastic. We have had pretty solid growth since the Steam launch, and hopefully it will continue, allowing us to invest more into the game.

Looking forward, we have finally put Rastedel in the rear view mirror for the time being. We'll be looking at ways to improve it in the future, but our focus now is on a number of things we will be discussing today.

First up, on the writing side, we are now turning our attention to fleshing out the arcs for castle NPCs. These arcs will be similar to the multi-event chain Rein did for Cliohna at the tail end of last year, and will allow you, over the course of the entire game, to determine both Rowan's relationship with each castle character, as well as the sort of character they eventually become. We've spent the last few weeks doing some heavy plotting for each character, and these new storylines will begin to appear over the course of the next few releases.

We've also been spending a lot of time at looking at QoL improvements to enrich the player experience. Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication between myself and Dragoon, zoom and pan were not added to the last release, but they will be in the next one, along with an improved Map UI, which includes a box that displays your current mission objective and deadline (a long standing request from those who don't pay attention). Sommy is continuing to look at ways to improve the castle UI, and make the game look prettier in general, and Rein is still working on his mechanics overhaul, which we will see in the near future.  Hooky has very kindly taken it upon himself to pick up the slack on editing, and is systematically going through events to fix any typos, tense mistakes, awkward sentences, etc.

In terms of the next release, work is well underway. I'm finally going to do the next Andras Path NTR event people have been bugging me for, while Winter is working on the Jezera one, as well as a number of other events. Hooky will be working on adding a female sex scene option to last month's succubus murder mystery, as well as a number of ruler and job events for the castle. Rein is spending all of his time focusing solely on the mechanics, so we can get that finished ASAP in a future release.

On the art side, I already have all the sketches back and have shared them with the backers as usual. They are currently with our colourist and I will be sharing the finished pieces soon. Sommy has already finished one background for the month (the castle catacombs, above), and is working on a series of illustrations for the Ulcro/Batri showdown. Keidi's working on some additional sprite stuff I need for Rastedel characters (mostly nude versions), so hopefully I'll be able to slide them into the next release as well.

That's pretty much it for today. I'm looking forward to what's ahead; it is nice to move on from Rastedel, and I know a lot of you have been waiting a while for more of the castle characters. So whether you like Greyhide, Shaya, X'zaratl, Indarah, Cla-Min, Draith, or you are the one person who likes Skodred, we should have something for you to enjoy soon. As always the next release will be the last weekend of next month, which this time will be July 26th.

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